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Our white sculptures are designed to suit any space. Whether it be your home or office. A statement piece for your living room, a modern dining room, a stylish office foyer or a grand statement in an entrance. We have large statement pieces and small items suitable for a bookshelf or coffee table.
Our white enamelledaluminium bowls, platters, dishes and servers are a great gift idea. All our white bowls and platters are food safe, sealed against staining and oxidizing and low maintenance.  they are beautiful and functional.

Kissing Couple Sculpture - White
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Code: LCFC51W
Face and Hand Lady Sculpture - White
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Code: LCF1605W

Small White Bird A Statue
Code: LCG14W
Angelic Pig - White Gloss
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Code: LCPA17W
Geometric Dog Sculpture - White
Code: LCGD32W
Geometric Bird Sculpture - White
Code: LCGB30W
Origami Flying Bird Small- Pearl White
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Code: LCGF34PW
Apple Sculpture - White
Code: LCFA19W
Pear Sculpture - White
Code: LCFP22W
White Cherry Small Ornament
Code: LCFCR14W
White Cherry Medium Ornament
Code: LCFCR22W
Balloon Teddy Bear - White
Code: LCTB25W
Climbing Woman C - White
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Code: LCC2820W

Climbing Man C - White
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Code: LCC3118W

Climbing Couple - I've Got You - White
Code: LCC2831W

Climbing Woman D - White
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Code: LCC2019W

Climbing Man D - White
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Code: LCC3016W

Climbing Couple - Onward and Upward - White
Code: LCC2030W
Climbing Man B - White
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Code: LCC3720W
Ring of Infinity Sculpture - White
Code: LCRI82W

White Sails 73cm
Code: LCS73W
White Sails 115cm
Code: LCS115W
Blaze Sculpture 42cm - White
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Code: LCB42W

Display Pedestal for Sculpture 71cm White

Lady Sitting Figurine - White
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Code: LCLY25W
Lady Awakening Figurine - White
Code: LCLA33W
Lady Resting Figurine - White
Code: LCLR22W
Lady Waiting Figurine - White
Code: LCLW40W
White 28cm Mother and Child
Code: LWT691
Boxed Set of 3 White 13cm Bowls
Code: B1WWW
Boxed Set of 3 White 13cm Oval Nut Bowls
Code: DWWW337

White Aluminium 1.5 litre Jug
Code: LWT912
White Bowl 13cm
Code: LWT963
White Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LWT965

White Aluminium Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LWT530

White Aluminium Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LWT531

White Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LWT532
White Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LWT984
White Medium Leaf Dish 53cm
Code: LWT988
White Tapered Aluminium Bowl
Code: LWT971
White Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LWT950
White Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LWT952

White Coasters set of 6
Code: LGM217W

White Bud Vase 38cm
Code: LWT312

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Melbourne Exhibition Centre 18-21 July 2019