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Bright Red and Deep Red



Small Red Bird B Statue
Code: LCG18R
Red Cherry Small Ornament
Red Cherry Medium Ornament
Twin Cherries - Small Metallic red
Code: LCFCR28MR2
Balloon Teddy Bear - Red
Code: LCTB25R
Climbing Woman - Red
Previous1 of 2Next
Code: LCC2018R

Abstract Women Sculpture Metallic Red
Previous1 of 4Next
Code: LCAW30MR

Soulmates Sculpture 63cm Red and Silver Foil
Previous1 of 4Next

Blaze Sculpture 42cm - Metallic Red
Previous1 of 6Next
Code: LCB42MR

Red Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGM284
Lady Sitting Figurine - Red
Previous1 of 3Next
Code: LCLY25R
Lady Awakening Figurine - Red
Code: LCLA33R
Lady Resting Figurine - Red
Code: LCLR22R
Boxed Set of 3 Red Ember 13cm Bowls
Code: B1MMM

Boxed Set of 3 Red Ember 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DMMM345

Red Ember Bowl 13cm
Code: LRE263
Red Ember Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LRE265
Red Ember Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LRE530
Red Ember Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LRE531

Red Ember Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LRE532
Red Ember Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LRE252
Red Ember Small Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LRE286
Red Ember Tapered Aluminium Bowl
Code: LRE271
Red Ember Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LRE250
Red Ember Vase 56cm
Code: LRE208
Red Ember Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752RE

Boxed Set of 3 Red Bowls
Code: B1RRR

Boxed Set of 3 Red 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DRRR333

Red Bowl 13cm
Code: LGM563

Red Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LGM565
Red Rectangular Dish 20cm
Code: LGM550
Red Abstract Platter 41cm
Code: LGM231

Red Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LGM530
Red Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LGM531

Red Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LGM532
Red Vase 56cm
Code: LGM508
Red Salad Servers 27cm
Code: LGM752R

Red Coasters set of 6
Code: LGM217RR


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Decor + Design 2019 
Melbourne Exhibition Centre 18-21 July 2019