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Pop Art

Our Pop Art Sculptures are designed in Italy and made from durable poly resin. Each piece is hand made and production is therefore limited. These pieces are exclusively imported and distributed by Lemongrass in Australia.

David in the Clouds Sculpture
Code: LCG73MB

Thinker in the Clouds Sculpture
Code: LCG48MB

Geometric Monkey - Matte Black on White
Previous1 of 4Next
Code: LCM66MB
Angelic Pig - Black Gloss
Previous1 of 4Next
Code: LCPA17B
Angelic Pig - White Gloss
Previous1 of 4Next
Code: LCPA17W
British Bulldog - Metallic Grey
Code: LCBB40MG
French Bulldog Sitting - Matte Black
Previous1 of 5Next
Code: LCBD40MB
Princess Pooch - Black Sausage Dog Sculpture
Previous1 of 4Next
Code: LCPP52B
Geometric Dog Sculpture - White
Code: LCGD32W
Geometric Dog Sculpture - Black
Code: LCGD32B
Geometric Cat Sculpture - White
Code: LCGC29W
Geometric Cat Sculpture - Black
Code: LCGC29B
Geometric Bird Sculpture - White
Code: LCGB30W
Origami Flying Bird Large- Matte Black
Code: LCGF47MB
Back Order: Available
Origami Flying Bird Small- Matte Black
Previous1 of 2Next
Code: LCGF34MB
Back Order: Available
Apple Sculpture - White
Code: LCFA19W
Pear Sculpture - White
Code: LCFP22W
Black Cherry Small Ornament
Previous1 of 2Next
Code: LCFCR14B
Black Cherry Medium Ornament
Previous1 of 2Next
Code: LCFCR22B
White Cherry Small Ornament
Code: LCFCR14W
White Cherry Medium Ornament
Code: LCFCR22W
Red Cherry Small Ornament
Red Cherry Medium Ornament
Twin Cherries - Small Metallic red
Code: LCFCR28MR2
Balloon Teddy Bear - Red
Code: LCTB25R
Balloon Teddy Bear - White
Code: LCTB25W
Balloon Teddy Bear - Yellow
Code: LCTB25Y
Balloon Teddy Bear - Blue
Code: LCTB25BL

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