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Golden Sunset - Orange

Gold polished aluminium bowls, platters, dishes, coasters and servers. All bowls and platters are food safe, sealed against staining and oxidizing and low maintenance. High gloss enamelled colour and polished aluminium finish. Large range of shapes, sizes and uses thoughout the home or office.

Metallic Orange Unity Sculpture 60cm
Code: LCU60MO

Metallic Orange Unity Sculpture 90cm
Code: LCU90MO

Orange Zenith Sculpture 82cm
Code: LGG685

Orange Entwined Sculpture 35cm
Code: LGG584

Golden Sunset 48cm Eternity Sculpture
Code: LGG684

Golden Sunset 54cm Lunar Sculpture
Code: LGG664

Orange Orbital Sculpture 37cm
Code: LGG585
Boxed Set of 3 Orange 13cm Nut Bowls
Code: DOOO334

Orange Bowl 13cm
Code: LGG363
Orange Salad Bowl 27cm
Code: LGG365

Golden Sunset Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LGG530
Golden Sunset Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LGG531

Golden Sunset Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LGG532
Golden Sunset Orange Angular Platter 42cm
Code: LGG343
Orange Leaf Dish 35cm
Code: LGG388
Golden Sunset Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LGG384
Orange Rectangular Dish 35cm
Code: LGG352
Orange Round Plate 45cm
Code: LGG327

Orange Vase 56cm
Code: LGG308
Golden Sunset Salad Servers 30cm
Code: LGM751GD
Boxed Set of 3 Orange Bowls 13cm
Code: B1OOO

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