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Copper, Gold and Nickel Rough Texture Finish

These pieces have a rough texture finish in copper (rose gold) , gold and nickel.

Labyrinth Male Athlete Sculpture Gold and Black
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Back Order: October
Origami Flying Bird Small - Gold
Code: LCGF34MG
Back Order: October
Faces In The Wind Sculpture - Antique Copper
Code: LCFW60AC
Rough Copper Oval Bowl 10cm
Code: LRC630
Rough Copper Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LRC632

Boxed Set of 3 Rough Copper 13cm Bowls
Code: BCCC161
Rough Copper Leaf Dish 58cm
Code: LRC688
Rough Copper Leaf Dish 73cm
Code: LRC689
Rough Nickel Oval Bowl 17cm
Code: LRN132

Rough Nickel Leaf Dish 34cm
Code: LRN184
Rough Nickel Leaf Dish 73cm
Code: LRN189
Rough Nickel 50cm Oval Tray
Code: LRN114

Rough Nickel 43cm Vase
Code: LRN193

Rough Nickel 61cm Vase
Code: LRN195

Rough Matt Black Nickel 32cm Round Bowl
Code: LRB223

Boxed Set of 3 Rough Gold 13cm Bowls
Code: BGGG163
Rough Gold Oval Bowl 13cm
Code: LRG731

Rough Gold 39cm Oval Tray
Code: LRG713

Rough Copper Coasters set of 4
Code: LRC617C

Rough Nickel Coasters set of 4
Code: LRN117N

Rough Gold Coasters set of 4
Code: LRG717G

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